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Mother-Daughter Health Initiative (MoDa Health)
Fostering health-centered Mother-Daughter relationships.

MoDa Health was birth out of the culmination of many life events, but it was one particular paper from the Ethnicity & Disease journal that serves as its springboard. The article entitled: “Relations of Black Mothers’ and Daughters’ body fatness, physical activity and behavior.”

MoDa endeavors to shed light on the epidemic that is plaguing our mothers and daughters: sedentary lifestyles and obesity. Our goal is to be mediators to mothers and daughters to guide them from unconsciously volatile lifestyles that revolve around unhealthy eating habits and inactivity to a different perspective that will center around healthy eating, living and relationships with one another. We envision substituting the typical mother-daughter outing from just getting their hair/nails done and treating themselves to an unhealthy meal to walking/jogging/ biking/ dancing together and truly nurturing that unique bond that only a mother and daughter can have.

It won’t be easy, but anything worthwhile never is….good thing you already have a cheerleader, support and friend in MoDa health here by your side every step of the way.

This isn’t just about losing weight or eating a fresh clean diet. At it’s core, it’s foundation, is the relationship of mothers and daughters. So often we see the media sensationalizing the father-son or father-daughter relationship but mothers and daughters are not given even 15 minutes in the spotlight. When was the last time you saw a mother-daughter team running a marathon, walking for a cause, attending (and participating) in a dance class together or even teaching a physical activity class. They are a rare sight, especially when we focus on minorities.

Join us on this journey. Let us be each others supporters. We want to share in your successes, your stumbling blocks, you plans and goal. We will like to share, photos, recipes, activities, suggestions, articles on health and relationships. The world is ours and there is no better person to have by your side and have your back that the person who has given you life and you have given life to….so let’s live this life in the healthiest way possible body, mind and spirit.

The journey is yours…what will you make of it?

Yours in health and spirit,

MoDa Health

By modahealth